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Flicker Bend-It Soccer Ball Size 5 Orange

US Soccer Ball Size 5

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  • Features

    DAYLIGHT SAVER: Our see into the dark soccer ball designs are daylight soccer practice extenders. Many soccer clubs have no stadium field lights. Football soccer coaches often need to train past sunset to accommodate school & college soccer practice schedules. Our hi-Viz designs make a huge difference, to help coaches & soccer players extend 15 - 20 more precious minutes out of your soccer day.

    SEEING IS BELIEVING: At last a soccer brand focused exclusively on design. Our US Soccer Ball artwork graphics are exclusively designed for through-the-air movement & ball-rotation visual feedback. High-visibility, easy-to-track designs make perfect sense for free kick real time self analysis, via visual tracking. And problems solved losing traditional 32 panel black & white soccer balls with our original, stand-out USA Soccer ball designs.

    SOCCER INNOVATION: 200 years of soccer history has passed before we brought to market VPM (Valve Position Marker). To maximize kicking power when taking free kicks, penalties or corners, aim to kick the valve, the hardest part of a ball. Our exclusive circular strike zone around the valve shows you the “sweet-spot” optimal kick position. Our patent pending valve contact kick awareness marker, is a vital part of freekick improvement training.

    REAL SOCCER BALL: Fed up training with lightweight, replica quality glider balls? Meet the US Soccer Ball. Precise crafted machine sewn construction, reinforced wound bladder with PU texture. Our Millenti Soccerballs are on a par with premium quality training soccer ball brands. Except our balls are affordable for cash-strapped youth soccer clubs. Suggested for all ages & skill levels from beginners to top-level pro soccer players. Ships inflated, game ready in a stylish gift box.

    100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. If you don’t love it, or consider this the best value for money soccerball that you have ever bought, simply return it for a full refund, no questions asked. We make the same quality & performance soccer balls at a fraction of the price of the leading brands. Sign up for our 1-year ball shape & air retention warranty or download our free “Top 16 Best Exercises To Prevent Soccer Injury”, “How To Curve”, How To Knuckle Kick” eBooks.




    A.) MONEY: From a pragmatic standpoint youth soccer clubs are cash-strapped, 

    so longevity of training soccer balls is important. 

    Millenti US Soccer balls have reinforced bladders,

    to ensure maximum durability and roundness 

    Purchasing quality crafted hand sewn soccer balls actually saves a club soccer coach money. 

    You’d have to replace a cheap promotional soccer balls 3 times, 

    to last as long as 1 Millenti US soccer ball. 

    B.) VISIBILITY: At last a sport brand focused exclusively on high-visibility, easy-to-track designs. 

    The Millenti copyright artwork graphics on our US soccer ball designs, 

    help you & your soccer coach track a balls rotation & movement through-the-air.

    The logic behind this Millenti USA Soccer Ball trackable red white blue design,

    is to help you visually analyze & perfect your kicking technique.

    Real time soccer analyzes designs, to incrementally help improve your free kicking accuracy. 


    The smell of fresh-cut grass, the waterlogged vintage leather soccer ball, 

    the pulse of the earth beneath your feet. 

    As you pass down the traditions of this beautiful game to your kids, 

    take advantage of Millenti’s affordable, yet highest-quality soccer ball collections. 

    We are so confident in our quality compared to the leading brands, 

    that we offer a 100% love it or return it no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

    Additional Information

    SKU SB1505WRBL
    Manufacturer Millenti
    Color White Red Blue
    Condition New
    UPC 856387005219
    ASIN B075F346LB
    Size Size 5
    Product Weight 1.3 lbs
    Item Box Dimensions 8.7 x 8.7 x 8.7 Inches
    Item Gross Weight No
    Warranty 1-YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY on Replacement if (SOCCER BALL-DOES-NOT-HOLD-ROUND-SHAPE) only if you filled out MANUFACTURER'S ROUND-SHAPE WARRANTY on within 10 days from purchase from authorized reseller. International inquiries please email
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