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Millenti Street-Wise Basketball Camo-Yellow Basketballs - Outdoors-Indoors Adult Men Regulation Size 5 Street Basketball 27.5 inch - Yellow-Camo Basketball - BB0205YW


Millenti Basketball Street-Smart Precision Green - Outdoor-Indoor Basketballs with High-Visibility, Easy-To-Track Designs, Rubber Basketball 29.5 - Green Basketball BB0307G

Millenti Street-Wise Basketball Camo-Turquoise Basketballs - Outdoors-Indoors Adult Men Regulation Size 6 Street Basketball 28.5 inch - Turquoise-Camo Basketball - BB0206T

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  • Features

    Stand Out Your Game - Shoot hoops with high-visibility easy-to-track designs. Basketballs to help you analyze ball movement through the air. Separate your basketball from the crowd

    Made-To-Last - Fed up with leather basketballs that donʼt last. Our premium rubber basketballs are durable. They shows little signs of wear & tear no matter what court you pound them on

    High Bounce - Excellent performance all-surface basketballs. Consistent bounce for your best game on either indoor basketball hardwood floors, or outdoor basketball concrete courts

    Cop or Drop? - Drop traditional balls for something fresh. Cop Millenti Street-Wise Camo basketballs Size 6. Colorful camouflage basketballs that fit your on court personality just right

    Perfect Grip - Our moisture-repelling basketballs will not slip out of sweaty hands. Deep-channel premium-rubber youth basketballs. Designed for improved grip

    Dot the iʼs & Cross the tʼs - Attention to small details make big differences. Our butyl bladder locks in air for optimal ball pressure plus ball shape retention, season after season

    Love At First Swoosh - Love At First Swoosh: Love it or return it. Best basketball gift for WNBA basketball players or NCAA basketball youth. Best value-for-money basketball youʼve ever owned, or your money back


    Looking for a stand-out, eye-popping basketball design that's not your typical boring color?

    The Millenti StreetWise Camo Basketball high-visibility, easy-to-track design makes perfect sense for both you or & your coach. Get instant through-the-air movement & ball-rotation feedback. Designed to help you analyze free throws & 3-pointers in real time.

    Our official size & weight premium rubber basketballs are easier to clean than synthetic microfiber composite basketballs. Our rubber basketballs also outlast leather basketballs, especially on outdoor courts.

    The cover has laid-in deep channels & full-grain pebble pattern texture. This provides the greatest feel & touch. Our official game basketballs also feature high-bounce rubber bladders, for great performance playability.

    Millenti basketballs ship inflated, game-ready. Hit the rim with a quality basketball designed in the USA & made to last. Perfect basketball for park pick-up games, school basketball, college basketball.


    • Clean and dry your ball with a damp cloth after use to keep it in top shape
    • Dirt fades colors; use mild soap or a synthetic leather cleaner to remove dirt, grit or stains
    • Do not use detergents to clean as this may adversely affect the seams between the glued panels
    • Do not spray with a high-pressure water spray, as water may penetrate the ball
    • Do not play with a wet ball during freezing temperatures. Water on the ball in freezing conditions can cause injuries
    • Heat will reduce your ball’s durability so do not leave it in your trunk
    • Cold will reduce your soccer ball’s durability so do not leave it in your garden overnight
    • Do not play on gravel or rocky surfaces as they will cut the outer cover of your ball and cause excessive abrasion and premature wear and tear
    • Do not sit or stand on your ball as your weight can warp it out of shape, causing it to wobble when bounced or thrown.
    • Check the pressure frequently to make sure your ball is properly inflated. 
    • To inflate, place a few drops of silicone oil, silicone lubricant spray or glycerin oil in the valve for ease of needle insertion, to improve life of the valve

    Additional Information

    SKU (Product ID) BB0206T
    UPC 814667026842
    GTIN 10814667026849
    Size (Item) Size 6 / 28.5”
    Color (Item) Camo Turquoise
    Material Premium Rubber
    Item Dimensions LxWxH 9.3 x 9.3 x 9.3 in
    Item Weight (lbs) 1.25 lbs
    Package Dimensions (in) LxWxH 9.3 x 9.3 x 9.3 in
    Shipping Weight (lbs) 1.5 lbs
    Master Carton Case Pack. 4
    Master Carton Dimensions (In) LxWxH 19 x 19 x 10 in
    Master Carton Weight NW (lbs) 7.28 lbs
    Master Carton Weight GW (lbs) 9.04 lbs
    Master Carton’s / Pallet (qty) 30
    Item’s / Pallet (qty) 120
    Pallet Dimension (in) LxWxH 47 x 38 x 62 in
    Pallet Weight (lbs) 280 lbs
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