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Meet the Millenti Family

Millenti is developing so many innovative sport products, that we are well-positioned to become the fastest-growing US-based sports brand over the next few years. Our pushing-the-envelope ideas ensure our product launches are wildly anticipated and exciting to both follow and watch, by thousands of athletes who know us and what our unique products are all about.

Yet at our core, we are a family-run business and we live and breathe sport! The benefits of our designs are as much for our family’s needs as for yours. Whether you play for fun or are on a mission to compete at the highest level, our innovative products break the rules—without breaking the bank. Buying habits globally are changing. Athletes no longer accept that leading brands make leading products. Today innovative heart-and-soul ideas trump the old establishment dominance of yesteryear. Build a better product and athletes will run to your doorstep. Although we are not a huge corporation, we develop some of the most sought-after products, even among the most established giants of the sporting world.

Top-Rated Products

When we first launched, our then-eight-year-old was our R&D (Research & Development) Manager (LOL). The first product we launched was the Bend-It Soccer Ball Collection. Our wild passion for out-of-the-box thinking is nothing to laugh at, now that our Knuckle-It Pro match soccer ball is the #1 rated soccer ball worldwide on almost every leading best ball review guide.

This fall look out for our Diasmic StreetCred, StreetWise, and StreetSmart Basketball Collections. They are inspired by the colors, history, and rich textures of the Los Angeles street basketball scene.

We hope you will absolutely love using our sports products as much as our family does.

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Thank you for your trust, from our family to yours!


The Millenti Team



The only thing Millenti expect to be higher quality than our products is our customer service.

If you are not 100% satisfied with the item or your buying experience, please contact us immediately at and give us the opportunity to make things right.